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A judicious and independent review body

Auditing is sometimes perceived as a necessary evil. In reality, it is a tool for continuous improvement for companies. It requires professional expertise and specific skills that lead to judgment of specific standards required on the financial statements, internal control and organization. It is also a relevant management tool.

We have the necessary federal approvals to perform all statutory audits (restricted and routine controls, compliance with national and international standards) and are also qualified to perform corporate governance and internal control system controls.

We also work on due diligence and business valuation processes.

We are able to carry out all the required work independently in a short time.

Accounts audit

With a federal approval of expert-reviser and having obtained its affiliation with EXPERTSUISSE, AMS Audit SA is recognized and offers you audit services of an irreproachable quality.

Restricted audits
Ordinary audits
Special audits

Due diligence

Due diligence consists of a series of checks carried out by a purchaser, investor and sometimes seller, as part of a purchase / sale transaction of a company, in order to obtain guarantees as to its economic, accounting, legal and fiscal.

Acquisition audits
Strategic audits

Special audit missions

The special audit mission is the expression by an audit firm of an option in particular situations. The review includes compliance by the client with contractual, legal or regulatory provisions, on financial statements prepared in accordance with a different accounting framework from generally accepted accounting principles. It may also include financial information, other than financial statements, such as the cost of an investment project.

Special audit in case of capital increase
Special audit in case of early liquidation
Specific mandates of boards of directors / management