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AMS Conseils SA innovates with its original "company office" approach, the provision of its important relational network, and its participation in JPA INTERNATIONAL and in JPA CORPORATE. Its high value added knowledge, its exemplary responsiveness and the quality of its services win the support of its clients.

Audit is a professional examination consisting of an expertise leading to a decision on the financial statements, internal audit and organization. It is a vector for optimizing your business. AMS Audit SA, masters the tools of improvement, proposes them to you and invests itself in their implementation.

The experience accumulated for more than 30 years within the group made it possible to understand that the past is only useful for the development of the future. Women and men have served the destiny of the company. They have put the latter in perpetuity.

Societal and economic changes will not change our original conception. These women and men will remain the guarantors of the future.

About us

Our Strenghts


We are totally independent of any banking or financial institution. Our only interests are yours. Our entrepreneurial and ethical spirit guides us, with a clear line of conduct: to put honesty at the service of ambition.


True experts, our employees are all graduates in their areas of expertise, to ensure the accuracy and rigor of the services offered. On a daily basis, we operate in 6 languages. We guarantee an accompaniment of an irreproachable quality and relations of confidence.


Our core business is keeping abreast of political and economic news, so we can adapt our resource management strategy accordingly. This responsiveness is also reflected in our approach to the customer relationship: we make a point of being present at your side, and responsive in our interactions.


Its establishment in Geneva since its inception has allowed AMS Audit SA to forge a strong local network of professionals (notaries, lawyers, bankers, insurers) to which have been added for several years a clientele and a network of international collaborators.

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